Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
December 17, 1861

Dear Mother,

I have just been writing to John. I have not received any letter from you yet so it is not time yet. The boys are out drilling & I have just been practicing on the bugle. I make it go first rate. I do not have to drill nor stand guard.
It has been nice warm days, about like May in the North and the nights are full as cold as at home. There is a constant firing of canon over the river. It would average one a second for the last 36 hours. Some think there is a battle.
There is strong talk of disbanding our regiment, if so we will be paid off and sent home, or go into other regiments, just as we please. I hope it won’t, although I am afraid it will. The reason for this is too much cavalry.
You will excuse this paper for the rest of this sheet got dirty, but I must go, wait until tomorrow.

18th, PM
For dinner today we had bacon that you have heard so much about. George Clark that lived to Skiff’s does the cooking for our company & we all go to the fire and get it on our plates.
It is hard work to get postage stamps for the sutler can’t make enough on them & won’t keep them & we can’t mail a letter without them. I had enough money to come through & had 2.00 left. Have not spent it either.
Tell Julia, Lib, Min & Fan I will expect them to write. Also Will, Ab, and Jim S. Give my love to everybody. How is Aunt S.? If she can’t write, you write for her. Love to uncle Skinner’s folks. Write soon.

Good bye,