Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
January 30, 1862

Illustration at top of stationary reads: We Must Keep All The Stars

Dear Mother,

It rained quite hard today & as there is some leisure, I will try & “communication” a little to you.
Yesterday heard some of the best news I have heard for some time, that is that the buglers are not going on guard any more so then it came on me to go on guard but I could not see it in that light. I tell you the chief bugler is a nice fellow. It is his doings, for he went to the Colonel & complained of it so that ends that story.
Eddie Towne was over from the 22nd Regt. last night. He just started for home this morning. He looks healthy & well.
But it is noon so I must close till after dinner when I will resume the pen & tell you the rest of the news.
There is a report that there was some fighting over the Potomac last night. I think that the war will be over before long & then I shall be satisfied a great deal better than if we were disbanded.
I had a letter Sabbath day from Fan McFarland, one from George Sherman & one from Dave. Everybody says the same thing about James Skinner because he does not come on here. I do not dispute James being sick, but I think he had ought to get his discharge for he is drawing pay which he must take or it will be drawn by the officers & do nobody any good. There is over 50 dollars due to him now if he would get his discharge it would end and all the talk about his trying to teach school & being a soldier at the same time. I want you to tell James to write to Capt. Russell & explain the matter for he has given up the idea of sending for him. But it is the talk that he is going to report him as a deserter which would add to the talk about him. Besides, if he should, any civil officer would have a right to take him & bring him on here to Washington & then his fate would be dangerous. I tell this as a favor to him.
I am well and in good spirits.
There was a man in our regt died yesterday. He belonged to Co. B. This makes 4 they have lost.
I think it is about time to hear from you again & from the money. Has it got there yet? Give my love to all the folks. Aunt Sarah write soon.

From Will