Will Fisher to his mother
Jersey City
Saturday night, September 20, 1862

Dear Mother,

I am here in Jersey waiting for the Philadelphia train. I describe our journey so far. We came down to Albany that PM, got in about 6 o’clock, & went up to the barracks & stayed all night & all day yesterday till last night when we started for New York on the same old boat, Isaac Newton. We did not get a mile before we got aground & laid there till 1o’clock, then the tide came in & we got off.
Got to York, 1 o’clock today, took my mess up to the Park Barracks, & then Lem & I went sight seeing till 6 o’clock & then came over here to Jersey. I saw the Astor House, Central Park & Barnams.
Lem is with me writing home in the telegraph office where I have just been telegraphing to John. I expect he will be at the depot at Princeton. I don’t know whether he will stop at Philad. or not, if not, I will send back.
I brought John’s box to Albany & left it till I should start. So last night I went, after the rest were all on board, more than a mile on the run & got the box & expressed it for I could not get it carried to the boat for less than a ½ dollar, it cost 1.25. I could not have got along with it, for you cannot take anything but what you carry in your hand.
But I must close. I will write soon, love to Sarah & all.

Your affectionate son,
W. G. Fisher

P.S. It cost 26 ct to telegraph of John