Will Fisher to his brother
Camp Chase
September 28, 1862

My dear Brother,

I guess it is about time for me to let you know whether I am in the land of the living or not. Well, I am so far as I know. Well I suppose I might as well commence where I left you at Princeton.
We got through to Baltimore that night, getting in at 8 o’clock & also I did not stop at Philad. as I wanted to. Well, we stopped at B. all day till 11 PM when we started for W_____ on old freight cars. We didn’t get in till four the next morning. We slept on the ground till daylight, when we started for Capitol Hill where we supposed the regt. was, but when we got there we found the regt. had gone somewhere, we know not where. So we came back to the city & reported to headquarters to get to the regt. so they sent us down to Alexandria to a camp where they send all such men to transport them to their regts.
The next day we saw a fellow who said that the regt was at Arlington Heights, so the next day Lem & I went over to the regt. & found them all right. So we got an order from the Col. for the commander of the post to send us to the regt. & went back & the next morning (Wednesday) started & went back to the regt.
We found the boys all well. We have a very pleasant camp.
But we must go on dress parade now so I will close & write upon the receipt of an answer.

Your brother,
W. G. Fisher