Will Fisher to his mother
Woodyard Ford, Virginia
January 10, 1863

Dear Mother,

As I have a little time I will write a letter today. We are on picket, two companies of us, viz: the White Creek camp & ours, at the above named place, Woodyard Ford on the Bull Run stream about 8 miles from camp at the station.
We do not have to stand on post. We are a reserve force, while men from another regt. do the picketing. We will probably stay here a few days.
They bring our rations out to us. We had to get up yesterday morning & put 2 days rations in our haversacks & march out here the 8 miles before daylight. We had 2 wagons to carry our knapsacks. We made very quick time & marched very easy.
The position here is admirably situated. There is two tier of rifle pits right in front of the ford. It is kind of a notch or gap in the hill on the opposite side & they have to come here because they cannot cross the river in any other place.
In my last letter I spoke of those things you spoke of sending. I am afraid we will have to move so you had not better try to send any thing now. There is a report that we are going to N. Carolina to reinforce Gen. Foster, & another that we are going into a fort near Washington.
I received yours & John’s letter the other day. I am in hopes that you have got my letter before this time. But I must close for this time, for it rains, & my paper will get wet. We have no tents with us.
Love to Aunt Sarah & all the rest. Write soon to your boy.


P.S. Tell Fort I will write to him soon. Jim has not got back to the regt. yet, although the Capt. has gone after all of them.