Will Fisher to his mother
On the battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 5, 1863

Dear Mother,

I suppose you are near dead with anxiety for me in not hearing from me in so long a time, but I have not had any chances before the present. Some of the boys have written one or two letters but it was when we was at some city & I happened to be on duty. There has been no mails, all the chance was to give them to folks on the rail & let them mail them.
I have not time to give you a history of our adventures but it is sufficient to say that the two armies have fought for two days (& part of it for three) the hardest battle that was ever fought in the civilized world. I am all all right yet & hope I feel thankful to him who has spared me through all this danger for his watchful care over me. At some future time I will give you the full details of the scrap.
Last night we buried 800 dead Rebels in front of our breast works. The rest we will have to burn, for it stinks so we can’t stand it. The Rebels are trying to get away from us now. I don’t know what will be done.
I will write soon. Love to Aunt Sarah & all the rest.

Willie Fisher