Will Fisher to his mother
Bridgeport, Alabama
October 5, 1863

Dear Mother,

I suppose you are worrying considerable about me by this time. Well, we are at Bridgeport, Alabama, 10 miles from Stevenson and 25 miles from Chattanooga where the army is. We got here day before yesterday morning just at daylight. We had been on the road just a week.
I suppose you heard of the advance of the Army of the Potomac soon after I wrote you last. We marched two days after leaving Kelly’s Ford when we came to the Rapidan where we stayed about a week and had 8 days rations dealt out to us. Then we expected to take it somewhere. The next day we marched to Brandy Station, and it was two days before we got away. We started just a week ago last Saturday, went through Washington that day, and took the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for Wheeling, a distance of 370 miles.
We went by way of Harpers Ferry. From Wheeling we went to Columbus in Ohio, from there to Indianapolis in Indiana, passing through Dayton, Xenia and Franklin. Saw Alex Morrey and his mother at Franklin. From here we went to Louisville, Kentucky, and from there to Nashville, Tenn. and from there here. I tell you it was a long ride over 1500 miles. We rode night & day for 7 days. I would not give one soldier’s life for all of Kentucky & Tenn. that I saw, all grown up to weeds.
We are going to move somewhere again today on the cars, going back somewhere to guard the railroad. I am glad we have come, for we saw a great deal and expect to see a good deal more. We are now far from home, so you must write often to keep me from getting homesick. I don’t know where to have you direct. Do as you used to till you find out, for they will come to us to direct to Wash., D.C., but there is some better way. We have got to fall in, so good bye. Love to Sarah. Lem is well.

from, Will