Will Fisher to his mother
In the trenches 3 miles from Atlanta
July 21, 1864

Dear Mother,

Yesterday recorded another horrible, bloody awful conflict still more so than any we have had before.
We crossed the river last Sabbath & have been advancing ever since till yesterday (Wednesday) when we laying for other parts of the line to come up even with us & at 4 PM the Rebs attacked the 2 Div. so we formed our line & had hardly time before they were on to us. We had it hot & heavy till dark. But we held them with our little single line against one of the most desperate charges they have made yet.
McPherson was in their rear & they were bound to break through our lines but they found old Hooker there. Our brig. lost heavy. Our regt. lost 7 killed & 35 wounded that we know of & more will be found. The 141st NY lost most all, every officer but two.
I am so tired I cannot write so that I cannot hardly hold my pen on the same paper.
Those in our co. were Henry Chapman, a new recruit died in a little while. Cpl. Fred Slocum of Easton shot through the body, think he will die. Cpl. Jacob Herman shot through the head, scalp wounded, Tom Heneley, forearm, George Higby, cheek. I will give you the rest of the details some other time, but cannot this time.
This all from our co. Write soon.

From your boy,