Will Fisher to his brother
Elk River, Tennessee
March 21, 1864

Dear John,

I must seize the very first opportunity to congratulate your success in family affairs. My nephew’s letter came to hand tonight dated the 14th instant. He certainly begins well and I think is a far more punctual correspondent than his father.
Well John, I must say I feel rather odd bearing the relation of uncle, and it took me all by surprise. But remember it is an immortal soul placed in your charge for which you are in a great measure responsible. May he through the blessing of God be a man of wisdom and usefulness and prove a great comfort to his parents. Yours is a very solemn and responsible relation to that child. As to the name he wished to propose I hardly know, but you know that I always was very partial to – ahem – yes – Will. You will probably have two names any way and as you have proposed that I should send one I should suggest Will for one of those names.
Lem, of course has seen the letter and would also congratulate the newcomer. I suppose you will be considerably particular about his name, but if you do me the favor to insert William somewhere in his classical name, I will endeavor to follow the usual customs and “antic” in due season. Now don’t, as is usual in the case of minister’s sons call him Virgil, Cicero, Romulus, Zenephon nor Confromomfrombastification nor any of these, but something pretty. I know not what Laurie’s choice would be but think she would consent to have the above inserted.
Everything is quiet here now. We have had a little raid here the past week. A party of guerrillas removed a rail and threw a train of cars off the track about a mile above us and robbed all on board. Among them was Johnny Stevenson of Coila, Willson Arnold and George Eddie. Co. E of this regt. came upon them while they were at work and dispersed them, thereby saving the lives of the boys for they would have killed them certain. I will write again soon more in detail.
My best love to “Willie," his mother, his grandmother and aunt. Please write as soon as possible to your aff’t brother.

Will G. Fisher