Will Fisher to his mother
Three miles south of Atlanta, Georgia
November 6, 1864

Dear Mother,

We have again broke camp for a campaign of some kind. Yesterday at 3 o’clock we moved out about 3 miles south of the city and camped to leave room for the rest of the army to get into the city for a day or two to get clothed up before we move.
We are getting paid today and I am sending the money of the company to Jim Thompson. I sent $80.00 payable to your order which you will go and get. I think I shall have 10 or 15 more than I want to keep, but I have to decide how much to send before we get the money and get our debts, debit and credit.
Where we are going is more than I know. Some say Macon, some say Montgomery, some Savannah, and some Charleston, S.C.
I sent a note to Thos. Shiland the other day to put John Larmon’s boots in the box. You will please let him do it. Now be sure and have the box well hooped with iron hoops so as not to get bursted.
Love to Aunt Sarah. I will write again as soon as possible.

From your boy,