Will Fisher to his mother
Washington, D.C.
June 7, 1865

My dear Mother,

In all probability this will be the last letter I will write you while in the U.S. Service. We finished our muster out rolls this morning at 3 o’clock & they went in for inspection at day light. I went immediately to bed and slept till this time (5 o’clock PM) when I must write once more to you.
I know you will excuse me for not writing before when you know what I have been through lately in order to get our papers ready to get out of the service. While other companies have had from three to five clerks engaged I have done ours alone with the exception of 2 clerks employed one night and half a day. Skellie, the only other one in the company who is capable, has been sick. I have made my 20 hours a day easily for the past ten days and had the diarrhea at that, but have gained considerable praise from my superiors for it, for the capt. is too old to write & that was his only hope. The mustering officers will be here tomorrow & the discharges I have made out & dated from the 8th of June.
Much love to Aunt Sarah.

While I am as ever,

N. B. if nothing happens will be home next week. Mr. Thompson was here today.