Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
April 5, 1862

Dear Mother

As I am most too tired to travel around to see anything new. I will write to you this afternoon.
Since the men of this regt. have been mustered out they have had no restraint so they could go where they pleased & as for me, I have been running so much that I have worked as hard as anybody I guess.
This is Friday & I expected to have been paid by this time but military movements are so slow that you can’t tell much about it, but I think we will be paid Monday.
I had a letter from Uncle Solomon yesterday. He is well but the particulars I will let wait till I get home.
We will come home together. They are making another great advance on the Potomac the 22nd & all have gone last night, marched all night.
Chick May was here last night. He was going too. I am anxious for the results, but I believe our arms will be successful.
Today it is quite wet, but, as it does not rain now, I will start for the city with this for we do not have any mail carrier now. Much love to Aunt S. & all the rest.

From Will

With a small drawing of a hand with finger pointing to a building labeled “home."