Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
March 31, 1862

Dear Mother,

Although I thought I should not have a chance to write to you again on this ground, it seems I was mistaken for I am here yet &, of course, I will have to write to you again. When I wrote to you before I expected to be out of the service by the time mentioned, but I was not right for here it is Monday & we have just been mustered out this afternoon, but we will not get our pay & certificate of discharge before the last of the week. But I am not a soldier now & will soon be on the way home with an honorable discharge in my pocket.
I have found that we cannot go around home by the way of Fortress Monroe, but I am going to go to Philadelphia & stay a day or two. If I remember right I have heard you say that either Uncle Taggart or one of the cousins kept a clothing shop. If so perhaps I could do well on a suit of clothes. I don’t know as they keep a clothing store or not. You spoke of my not mentioning receiving a letter with Uncle Solomon’s address, but I did & have wrote to him.
But I must close & will be home soon, believe me.

Your boy,

Friday Morning
I am going down to the city this morning so I will drop a line & put it in the office. We are still waiting for our pay.

Good bye,