Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
January 11, 1862

Dear Mother,

Well we have got our pay at last. We got it this morning. Co. A got it first. The pay master is paying out the money now at the rate of $10,000 an hour. He had a chest full of it. They were not paid fair. The pay rolls were not correct. Nelson got 10 dollars more than was coming to him. I hope you will not be disappointed when I tell you my pay wasn’t any more than a private. I had 39.43 coming to me & I owed Nelson 7.20, and Ab 5 or 6 (I have not settled with him yet), and we got a stove and some boards which cost me 4.00 which makes 15.00 or 16.00 dollars, & I will send you 15.00 dollars. & now I want you to write or give me a little advice. I owe D. Robertson 5.00 for a watch (do not scold) & the last time I wrote to D. Stevenson to send me the S.V. News. & if it comes I will let you know. Now I want to know whether to pay them now or wait till next pay day? I will send you the whole & you can do as you please only write & let me know so I can tell them. I will write soon & tell you if the paper comes. You can do what you please with the money. Write to me all about it. Today is Saturday so we cannot send it before Monday. This letter will not be mailed before Monday so you may get the money before you do this. Nelson should have got the same as me for we enlisted the same time. Nels, Ab, Wood & I will send it all together by express. It will cost 1.50 about 3 shillings apiece. This is the safest, although the dearest way. We will each one do his up in a package & then do the whole up together & direct it to you or Esq. Shiland. If he gets it he will leave it there & you then will stop & get it.
I got a letter D. Stevenson the other night, you & him is the only ones that have answered my letters. I got one from John & D. Robertson. Tell them that I have written to answer them right off. Give all of my love to Aunt S.

Good bye,
From Will

P.S. I just got done eating my supper & here is a letter just arrived with latest news up to Jan. 9. Glad to hear from you. I was provoked to hear that Jim Esmon story. I borrowed 25 ct of him & don’t you pay him any more.
I guess I will put in another sheet tomorrow, so goodbye.