Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
January 12, 1862

Illustration at top of stationary reads: No Compromise with Treason or Traitors

Dear Mother,

I guess I will write a little more to you tonight. It is Sabbath & its awful hot & sultry tonight. I have seen colder days in July. We had service at 11 o’clock. The chaplain introduced to us a stranger, a captain in the 9th Regt. He addressed us a few moments. We have preaching every Sunday at 11 o’clock & prayer meeting at 6PM. This is all the religious exercises we have during the week, “rather slack.” The chaplain has been accused of selling cards to the soldiers & then preaching against card playing.
There was another man died today making 4 in all, every one died on Sunday. He died of vaccination. He was the worst looking specimen of humanity I ever saw, scabs all over his body from head to foot.
We have concluded to send our money to T. Shiland. Nelson is going to send his by the Capt. To Salem so there will be mine & Ab’s, Woods’, Jim McLelan’s, W. Barton’s. There is not a man in our co. who is not going to send money home. This looks good, for it seems too bad to see the money going all in one day the way some of it does. There was one fellow in Co. H who lost all of his last night, 80.00, & others spent it all today.
The regt. owed the sutler about 5000.00 & it had to be paid as quick as they got their pay. It made my blood boil to see the greedy land sharks grab it. Some of the officers owed him $50 or a $100.00.
The staff officers will not be paid until tomorrow so, if Ab does not get his in time to send, we will have to wait a day. You may expect it as soon as Friday or Saturday. There is 2 or 3000.00 going to Salem.
That word that you spoke of is fried cakes, cookies. You can tell well enough about what I want, so go in on your “maple." I still feel in tip top spirits & good health.
We are not accepted yet, I don’t think, & I still think that we will be back to York state, but it is about roll call & I must close with bidding you good bye.

From your boy,