Will Fisher to his mother
Camp Stoneman
Sabbath PM, March 23, 1862

Dear Mother,

I thought I would write a few lines home to night to inform you that you had not better send me any more letters except those that will reach me within a week or 10 days for I am going to leave here, & where do you think I am going to go? Well, I am coming home. The regt. is going to be mustered out of service & for another month this week Wednesday the thing has got to come to a point now.
A good many of the officers have got places on the fleet or in some general’s staff. The regt. is to be disbanded here, I believe, so we will have a chance to re-enlist or come home any way we choose. Ab, Nelson, Wood & I are all coming home &, as the blockade is broken up on the Potomac, I think we will come home by sea, that is go down the Potomac to Fortress Monroe & then up the Atlantic to N.Y.
We will have what is called mileage paid to us. From here home it is about $20.00, that is if they tell me right. Any way it is 50 ct for every 20 miles, for a soldier is supposed to go afoot & 20 miles is a day’s march, so he gets 50 ct a day & 30 ct for his food so that make 80 ct a day in all & to combine that amounts to $20.00.
I will mail this in the morning & you will get it Tuesday night or Wednesday. So you had not better send me any more mail. We will all box up our quilts & express them home.
But I most close. Prevent all letters coming to me you can. There may something turn up that all this may not happen, if so I will write you. Love to Aunt S. & all the rest.

Your boy,