Will Fisher to his mother
Headquarters 123rd Regt. Co. I, NYSV
Frederick City, Maryland
October 1, 1862

(Red illustration of Ben Franklin with the words, “Patriot of ’76" printed on stationary)

Dear Mother,

I will again inform you of our whereabouts. Well this is Wednesday morning about 9 o’clock. Monday morning I wrote you a note that we were packing to move. Well, we waited till about 4 PM when we started for the city (Washington) along with the whole division to take the cars. We had to leave our knapsacks, all we could take was our overcoats & blankets & our shelter tents which is two square pieces of canvas about 2 yards square with buttons on it & each man takes one piece & then 2 men button their pieces together & put them on a crotch & that is all the tents we have. When we see our knapsacks again I don’t know, but I hope its soon, for we haven’t a thing but what I told.
I had to buy this paper of a store here in the city. Well, we got to Wash. About dark & expected to take the cars right off, but we laid down on the side walk till about 2 o’clock when we went aboard of the cars which were open platform cars. Here we waited till about 9 o’clock the next morning when we got underway for this place. We came most up to Baltimore & then took another road and came here. We got in here about dark, riding all day. When we got here the regt. went out into a field & camped.
I was detailed to guard the baggage as corporal of the guard. Jimmy Sherman was one of the guards from our camp.
We had a very easy time of it & this morning Jim & I have been looking around. This is a pretty city. It is cram full of wounded & sick Rebels. We seen one man having his leg cut off.
About a mile out of here is where Burnside first attacked the Rebels. When we came by it on the cars last night I never smelt any thing so bad in my life. Some of the Rebels heads and arms were out of the ground.
If you remember the Rebels had this city 27 days, there was fighting on this street where I write. It is 8 miles to where the battle of South Mountain was fought & 26 miles to Harpers Ferry.
Where we will go I don’t know, but you may write & direct to 123rd Regt. NYSV Co. I, Washington, D.C.
You will have to take lead pencil in such circumstances as these. I can’t write to any but you & John till we have more time. Much love to you, & Aunt Sarah, & all the friends far & near.

Ever your own boy,
W. G. Fisher

P.S. I am very tired & sleepy after being up two nights.