Will Fisher to his mother
Headquarters 123rd Regt. Co. I, NYSV
Sunday Morning in Camp 2 miles From Sandy Hook
October 5, 1862

Dear Mother,

I will write a letter this morning as I have a little time to devote to that purpose. We moved from Frederick City Thursday night about 9 PM arriving at Sandy Hook at 4 AM. It was only 25 miles that took all this time to run. We were on open cars again. They run very careful. Sandy Hook is on the Potomac & about one mile from Harpers Ferry down the river. Well, after we got off the cars we marched about 2 miles right north from the river where we camped.
We have these tents that I told you of. Our camp is just at the foot of the mountains or heights where they fought so in time of the Col. Miles scrape. The mountains are literally covered with the dead of the enemy.
There is a wounded Rebel, with three well ones, who are paroled in a barn right near us. He has his leg off. He died yesterday. It was a hard sight. He was wounded on the heights not a mile from here. He was wounded the 10th just & did not have his leg taken off till just six days ago.
I forgot to tell you that we were on the Maryland side of the river. We got all of our mail yesterday from last Sabbath up to this date. I tell you there was a pile of it. About six bushels. Every one got a letter but J. D. Sherman & W. G. Fisher. I want you to write & always direct to Wash., D.C. & the number of the regt.
Jimmy wants you to tell his mother that he has found his coat with everything that was in the pockets. He thinks a good deal of that picture of his mother.
I will write to John today. We are all well except Bill Skellie. He is in the hospital at Fairfax Seminary. Jimmy is well, has had a letter from Lemuel, he was well.
We have to go without shirts long enough to wash them.
Give my love to all of the friends & reserve a large portion for yourself & Aunt S. I wish she was as comfortable as I am even in these circumstances.

From your boy in the rear of great Gen. McC.’s Army.
W. G. Fisher

P.S. I wish I had the CV News. Tell Jim to write. Our pickets were drove in all along the lines last night. Look for news. The signals were flying all night.