Will Fisher to his brother
Camp near Sandy Hook, Maryland
October 13, 1862

Dear Brother,

I will now break the long silence which has remained between us. It seems as though it was an age since I had heard from you, but I suppose you have a good excuse for not writing, but as to my case I will not try to apologize.
We have been constantly on the move since we got to the regt. which was the next Tuesday after I saw you. The regt. was camped on Arlington Heights, about four miles from Wash. We remained there about one week when we started on the march. We went to Wash. that night & slept on the pavements till the next morning when we took the cars for Frederick City. It took us all day to get there. When we got there we stayed two days & started for Sandy Hook. We have been here since that time.
Yesterday we heard the firing all day. They were fighting at Edwards Ferry last night. We were called in the night to replenish our forty rounds of cartridges in anticipation of orders to march. How soon we will go I cannot tell.
I have not heard from Mother but once. I have not written to anyone but you & her. I have catched a heavy cold & do not feel well today so will not write any more. Answer soon. I do not have much time to write.

From your brother,
William G. Fisher