Will Fisher to his mother
Camp near Sandy Hook
October 9, 1862

Dear Mother,

If I should only answer the letters that I have received since I came here I should have a very easy time indeed. We have a mail here every day and does seem rather hard not to get any mail. I did not expect any till this week, but up today I have waited in vain.
We have to start at 4 PM today to go out on patrolling duty. That is, to travel around the country & pick up stragglers. They are all sent to work on the fortifications at Harpers Ferry.
We have not moved since I wrote last, this is a nice country through here. It is called Pleasant Valley. There is a good many secesh here.
I don’t know of anything to write this time. I don’t get any news from home to comment on. I have not received a letter since I started from C— from anyone. I don’t see why John don’t write. I have just one postage stamp to put on this letter & you can’t buy one here nowhere so I can’t write another letter until you send me some P. stamps. Love to Aunt S. & you.

Goodbye from, Will

P.S. I feel well but very lazy and dull today.