Will Fisher to his mother
Bridgeport, Alabama
December 16, 1863

Dear Mother,

I guess I will try & write you a little today as I am not very busy, I have received two letters from you lately but I think only the one dated Dec. 3rd since I wrote you last. It was a nice little letter but a good one. It had lots of news in it. I have got the express yet, but am looking for it daily. You did not speak in it whether you paid all of the express charges or not. I want to know for they did not pay their half of it before it started. I want to have Lem pay it here. That was the intentions that he should pay me his half of it but if his folks paid it, I want to know it. I expect we will get paid again early next month. I am in hopes there will be no draw backs on pay this time.
You have probably seen by the papers the bill presented by Senator Lane of Ind. for the increase of soldiers pay 50 percent which will make private’s pay 19.00 and sergeant’s 23.00. I hope it will pass.
You often ask if I want The Instructor to read. I will say again, I like very much to have you send it & rest assured I will read it, or anything else I can get hold of. I spend as much money for papers and more than for any thing else. I am acquainted with the news agent and can get trusted for papers if I want to. I have been thinking, as it is about New Year, (a good time to commence a paper) that there couldn’t none of my friends make me a better New Year’s present than by going to Henry Achley’s and subscribing for the Waverly Magazine the coming year and after reading it themselves send it to me regularly every week. It would cost only a cent a week extra to send it to me besides reading it themselves. If no one will do it, can we afford it? The terms are 3.00 and it is the only paper published so large for the price and it is my favorite paper. Ira King who tents with me made an agreement to send for some good paper to his folks so you see we can both have the reading of two good papers as cheap. Consider the matter.
L. is well as usual. I heard that little secret about Nathan over 3 months ago. My health is first rate, have not had any diarrhea in a long time. We live first rate. We have some preaching occasionally & religious reading distributed every Sabbath by the agent of the Christian Com. & we also get some good things from the Sanitary Com. They gave the regt. good pickles & onions twice & gave every man 3 apples a piece two mornings.
But I must close with lots of love to Aunt S. and all the folks. I will write as soon as I get the express.

I am your own boy,
Will Fisher