Will Fisher to his mother
Stafford C. H.
March 21, 1863

Dear Mother,

I mailed kind of an apology for a letter the other day but I thought you would hear so much news from Jim that I did not need to write much that time, but will try & converse with you awhile today. I suppose that Aunt R. would be glad enough to see Jim. I hope he will soon gain his health, which I think he will, in such good quarters as he is in now. I am afraid Jimmy was a little homesick, but anyone will when they are sick. Jim was lively enough until he was taken sick.
For two days now we have had some very nice weather, very warm & pleasant.
We had a great review of our division by Gen. Hooker. He is a nice looking man & grey headed. He dresses very plain, wears a black slouch hat & rides a white horse. Gen. Slocum was also present. The whole thing passed off in fine style.
One thing, since Hooker has been in command we have got a great deal better living than before. We now draw rations of soft bread, potatoes & onions, bread 3 days out of 5, & the other 2 a week.
Our brigade has just been broken up. We are to have a new Brig. Gen. by name of Jackson. Ever since we came from Wash. to Pleasant Valley, our brigade has been composed of the 20th Conn. Vols., the 124th Penn. & 125th Penn. besides ours. The two Penn. regts. are nine months men & their time expires in May so they want to shove them down through while they do stay. So they are going to send them down to the front & we are going to have two other regts. in our brig. We are all glad of it, for our boys & them did not agree.
L. Skellie got word of Jim’s death the other day. It was a great shock for him in his feeble health. His health is no better, he will not live long here, he is so very homesick.
I am afraid John’s health is in rather precarious state, & in fact, I can’t eat 8 or 10 pounds of hearty food & go to bed & sleep so well as I could once, but still I have everything to be thankful for in the line of health. Lem is well, as usual, & all the rest of our company.
How does Aunt S. do? I hear it is very sickly round there this winter. I believe I have told you all the news & will close by sending my love to all the folks.

From your boy,