Will Fisher to his brother
Stafford C. H.
April 1, 1863

Dear Brother,

I guess it is about time for me to wake up from my long fit I have got into about writing & write a letter once in a while.
I have just knocked over my ink which accounts for my writing with pencil.
I received a good long letter from you the other day & was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear of the bad condition of the stomach, but hope soon to hear of its perfect recovery. I tell you my stomach won’t stand quite so many tons of food just before going to bed as it used to, but still I have the blessing of a good set of digestive organs & a good appetite.
The men in camp are a good deal more healthy when we have cooks than when the men cook for themselves because they eat a good deal more regular.
In your letter you said you would send me the post after you read it. Now I would be very glad to have yours for I don’t have a paper of any kind to read. I will send you stamps enough to pay the postage on it.
We expect Ab Shiland back from his furlough today. Lieut. Anderson has also been home on a short furlough. He told me he was to Miss Joy’s & saw my picture there.
We all think the prospects of the war are a good deal more favorable now than they have been for a long time. This spring & summer will certainly end the war. We expect to enjoy their apples & cider up north another winter. By the time we go through what we will have to this summer I think what there is left of us will be ready to return to the peaceful walks of private life.
The boys in the camp are all well except Leagus Skellie who has had that worst of all diseases, homesickness, ever since he has been in the service. He won’t live long if he stays here. They are taking measures for his discharge. I don’t see how a man of common sense can allow himself to get into such a state. The news of Jim Skellie’s death went rather hard with him.
Lem is well as common, sends respects to you. They were well as usual at home when I heard last, but I must close quite soon.

I remain your Brother,