Will Fisher to his brother
Stafford C. H.
May 10, 1863

Dear Brother,

I suppose by this time you will be exceedingly anxious to hear from me & I feel thankful to almighty God that I am spared to write to you at this time for we have been through a good deal within the last two weeks.
We left our camp here in Stafford the 28th of April & crossed the Rappahannock at Kelly’s Ford & by Thursday we had arrived at Chancellorsville. We laid there till the next afternoon when our company was sent out on picket & were no sooner posted that we were attacked, but we held them in check till the regt. came out to our support. We then made a charge on them but were driven back & then our artillery put into them & made them hustle out in a hurry.
We had a little time the next night but on Sunday morning we were attacked by a large force under Jackson. We fought desperately for four hours & charged over our own breastworks once. The firing was terrible, the hardest ever known & then we had 40 pieces of artillery right behind us throwing grape and canister over our heads into the Rebs. (I just got a little vexed & dashed that pen 4 feet and a half right into the ground, so I will go on).
Well, we at last had to fall back & were shelled most furiously for about a mile of the retreat. We did not have to fight any more that day. We were moved into some entrenchments & remained there till Wednesday morning when we all came back across the river & each regt. started for its old camp & here we are just where we started from but not with all our old companions.
Friday night we lost our Lieut. Colonel. He was wounded & has since died. There was 4 killed in the same battle. Johnny Stevenson was wounded that same night. Sunday we lost in our co. 1 killed, 3 missing & 20 wounded. Kelly Bishop, the wagon maker’s boy, was the one killed. Jim Bassett & John Hover were two of the 3 missing ones. Among the wounded were Lem S., has since got well & is with us now. Bob Skellie in the leg, John Ketchum in the side, Ab Shiland in the ankle, Lieut. Beadle in the back, Mitchel McFarland was hit through the neck – doing well, Dan McClellan slightly in the head, Clare Coulter was killed, Vet Warner is missing – Big Vet I mean. I don’t know who else that you know. We lost 140 in the regt.
I didn’t receive any letter from you to know when that wedding is coming off. I guess I will hardly get a furlough, but I wish you much joy. “I suppose you can scarce conceal your bosom’s ecstasy when you think _______ makes her yours,” “Vyolino.”
Nothing else at present.

Write soon to your living brother,
W. G. Fisher