Will Fisher to his mother
Before Atlanta, Georgia
August 17, 1864

Dear Mother,

I’m a hurry or I would write more today but haven’t time, and will write in a day or two. We have drawn some new clothing here and being Sargent I thought best to put on my insignia of rank, consequently had to hire a tailor to sew on my chevrons and stripe on the by, and was “trusted” (of course) on these conditions that if we were not paid within 20 days, I would try and pay it any way, so if you will, I would like to have you ask some patriotic man to let me, not you, have 2 dollars for a short time. I most think we will get paid but can’t run the risk of it.
No change in our positions. Been no fighting to my knowledge, good health and spirits pervade.

Your own boy,

P.S. My bible and medicine arrived yesterday, the bible was completely saturated with butter, soaked through and through, otherwise it is all right.