Will Fisher to his mother
Camp near Atlanta, Georgia
August 24, 1864

Dear Mother,

Have neglected writing for some time because I have been very busy, engaged in writing for the capt. I am his clerk now and have wrote constantly for the last five days for 12 hours a day. Have made out monthly returns for every month from March up to August and sent them into Gen. Briggs, Chief Q.M. at Washington. I have made out 4 final statements of soldiers deceased and discharged, one of them was Rob Skellie.
There is no change here in affairs since my last. There is talk of a move but we don’t know where. They are talking of being paid again. I hope it is so, for I am about dead for tobacco, but shall never pay Len Wells such postage any more. When I get paid I think I will have Don Stevenson put up some at Coila P.O. for 2 ct an ounce. I don’t find any fault with you but think Len Wells is too particular, for I know there is more than a hundred weight of tobacco comes into this brig. every day by mail.
The weather is very comfortable now. Once in a while a shower and everything nice and sound, good breeze most of the time. I don’t think I have suffered any more with the heat this summer than I ever did, nor we have not had any more nor any heavier thunder showers than we did at home. I am quite pleasantly disappointed in regard to a tropical climate for I suppose this is tropical here in Ga.
How does Aunt Sarah do? Does she suffer much or not? I suppose Lem must start back soon or have it extended. Does he ride considerable? But I must close. I have written very hastily so you will please excuse all deficiencies and accept much love from your boy.

William G. Fisher