Will Fisher to his mother
Raleigh, North Carolina
April 17, 1865

Dear Mother

Glory! Glory! Glory! Give God the Glory for his many mercies. After a short campaign of 4 days, we enter in triumph the city of Raleigh on the 13th. We got to Smithfield the 11th & started the 10th from Goldsboro.
The 9th I mailed you quite a lengthy letter which I marked “No. 1” on the outside.
But Dear Mother the crowning victory is in all probability close at hand. For yesterday Gen. Sherman went to the front with a heavy force of clerks & paper & a Div. of the 15th corps as an escort to make some terms of capitulation. This is positive, every man in this army confident that the surrender will take place today. Oh what a rich reward for all our toils & hardships &c.
I have visited Raleigh & its public asylums for lunatics, deaf & dumb & blind. You shall have a full description of it at an early day. I am very well indeed.
How is Aunt Sarah & all the rest of the folks? I will close for this time hoping very soon to hear again from my own Mother.