Will Fisher to his brother
Goldsboro, North Carolina
April 9, 1865

Dear Bro.,

I have got just 20 minutes to write you before the last mail goes so I shan’t take up any of that in apologizing for not writing before. I rec’d yours of the 12th of March & was very glad to hear from you as I always am.
If orders are not countermanded, we move at six o’clock tomorrow. I don’t have an idea where we are going, but am pretty sure that we are going for those Rebs who are supposed to quarter near Smithville, 25 miles from here on the RR to Raleigh. But we expect to make short work of them. All we want of them is to wait long enough to get their oats & then get them if they do.
But “Laus Deo.” Richmond & Petersburg are ours all praise to the gallant Army of the P., and James and their noble Commanders. I tell you what it is, this is soul inspiring news. The rebellion virtually closed but they may hold out a little longer and give us a good deal of chasing but the real heavy set-tos are done in my opinion. We had a hard time on the last campaign which I should have given you an account of but I have had to write night & day for the capt. making out the pay rolls & his returns &c. I have written a description of it to her which you can use.
Direct hereafter via of Fortress Monroe. Give love to Laura & Willie. With gratitude to the Giver of Victories & much love for you.

I am your Bro,