Will Fisher to his mother
Stafford C. H.
April 2, 1863

Dear Mother,

I received a letter from you the other day, & one from Fort, at the same time. Was very glad to hear from you both.
But last night, when Ab Shiland arrived, I did not find any letter by him. He is looking well. He brought me some camphor, but did not bring the boots. I would not care if they did not come but still would just as leave have them as not. It is beginning to be warmer, & the ground more dry & in hot, dusty weather in the summer shoes are far more comfortable than boots so I think I will wear them. I can sell though, for about double what they cost at home. The others I sold for 11.00 & I think I can sell these for as much.
I suppose you will be rather lonesome after your boarders leave.
How came Mr. Beales to have an exhibition as he used to be down on such things?
Today is one of the warmest days we have had, & the roads are getting dry & hard. This is a pretty good sign that we will have to be on the move before long, without we are left behind for some cause, which I hope won’t be the case.
Since George Clap deserted, I have been promoted one step higher. I am now 1st Cpl., the next time will be to a Sergeant. They were raised a step all the way through & one new cpl. put in. This promotion does not raise my pay any. No cpl. gets but 13.00 in infantry. In cav. they get 14. A sergeant in infantry gets 17 dollars a month. There is talk that we will get paid before long.
Our brigade has been broken up. We have a new Gen. named Jackson. I have not seen him yet. Dr. Kennedy has got back to the regt. Dr. Moneypenny has resigned & gone home. Lewis Coulter has been here for a few days. He went home this morning. I guess Henry, his brother, hated to have him go. He is a little homesick. Leagus Skellie was examined this morning for a discharge. I hope he will get one for he looks hard. Lem is well & hearty, he stands it first rate. He had sore eyes for a few days but they have got well.
But I must close. Write soon & give my love to all the folks & lots of it to Aunt Sarah. I hope she is improving. Keep lots of it for yourself.

I remain your very affectionate son,
Willy Fisher