Will Fisher to his mother
Stafford C. H.
April 16, 1863

Dear Mother,

We are again amid the turmoil consequent to the reception of marching orders. We are ordered to be ready with 8 days rations. We will likely go within two or three days.
The next thing in orders is that we are having the “greenbacks” dished out to us today. I get 12 dollars here and the 40 goes to your bank where Uncle Zina can get it for you. But I must fall in to be paid. It rains very hard. I will write a little more after I get the money & as soon as we complete the march. I expect to get the money for my boots & Jesse Wood’s.
Good afternoon for the present.

Thursday morning
We got our pay yesterday, as was expected, & this morning have got to go on picket. We have not heard anything more about the march, don’t know when we will go.
Love to Aunt Sarah & all the rest. Tell Jim to write to me.

I am your boy,