Will Fisher to his brother
April 21, 1863

Dear Brother,

In looking over my letters I find one from you dated April 8th and for the life of me I can’t tell whether I have answered it or not, so to be on the safe side I will write a little today even if I have spilt my ink.
The above is an apology for these lead pencil scribblings. I was extremely glad to hear of the improvement in your health for I was quite scared at your letter of the 4th of March. I hope it will continue good.
We are under marching orders for the past week, but still don’t get a great ways so I think it must be some kind of a feint to cover movements of the cavalry which by the way have all gone somewhere. I suppose they are off to Kelly’s Ford.
I am confident that old Hooker is going to give them particular fits this time. One thing is certain, I don’t believe he is going to see all of his plans a month ahead in the Richmond Whig. Persons coming from Washington say they don’t know nothing about the present movement even at that place.
The division commanders don’t know nothing about their destiny. These are good signs which I am glad to see. I understand that old Abe intends to be present at the next battle & see who does the work & who don’t. I hope so. The President, Sec. of War & Gen. Halleck all came down to the army day before yesterday.
I hope your situation as steward of the seminary will prove to be a good one. I suppose it does not interfere with your studies any.
I wrote to Aunt Taggart the other day, have not had any answer yet.
We have been paid off for 4 months up to the first of March. I sent 40 dollars home by the allotment system & had 12 to keep.
The boys are all well & send their love to you, but I must close to go on guard.

While I remain your dear brother,