Will Fisher to his mother
Camp near Calhoun, Georgia
May 18, 1864

Dear Mother,

Knowing the painful anxiety which you will feel for my safety when you hear that we have met the Rebs in battle, I thought I would write a line this morning, but have a great many doubts as to its getting through, for the mail was stopped for a time going out and don’t know as it is open yet.
Our engagement came off as usual on the Sabbath but we turned the enemies right and swept down his line like an avalanche, carrying everything before us, thereby gaining a splendid victory for our side.
I tell you there is a great difference between Joe Hooker’s fighting and these western fellows. They were engaged for two or three days without accomplishing anything and thought it was awful fighting but to us it was nothing but skirmishing. They had positions that I should think never could be taken and they could not, in the Army of the Potomac, but we made them fly. We have been in pursuit for two days, the Rebels are 12 miles ahead, with the cavalry close on to them.
I believe the casualties our regt was 10, one killed instantly and 9 wounded. Since which time 3 or 4 more have died. The cause of this was, they shelled us and our folks not wishing to disturb the battery until the 3rd Brig. got behind it and charged and took it. So we had to take a few shots for this design.
There were a good many lost in our div. by sharp shooters. They pick for officers. No one in our company killed.
We will soon march and I must close.
Clark Darrow has got back and brought the things. His box, he had to leave at Chattanooga so I have not got my bible yet. I found two dollars in the letter, for which I thank you very much. I have not tried to break it yet, don’t know whether it will pass or not here. In regard to the letter from you being dated 3rd of March I meant 3rd of April and think I have read one the 18th and now another by Clark. The stamps were all right in each one.
Love to all. I feel thankful for the preservation of my life in this affair.
I send you this in a Rebel envelope which is one of their very best. We got lots of relics of the Rebels’ life on the field.
Love to Sarah and write soon to your boy.