Will Fisher to his mother
Cassville, Georgia
May 20, 1864

Dear Mother,

I have a letter here all written which I have had no chance to mail, but since the writing of it, we have had another turn with the enemy. We came upon the Rebs yesterday about 3 PM just outside this town and moved upon them immediately, driving them like sheep beyond the town, with no loss on our side. As usual, they were nowhere to be found this morning so our div. lay here for a rest, while the rest of the troops have gone on.
This was a rich place but every citizen left, left everything, and our fellows have made a complete wreck of all. I saw sofa chairs, pianos, bureaus, looking glasses, pictures, silver tea sets, in fact I never felt so bad in my life nor saw such a sight. Imagine one of the most wealthy villages about the size of Salem and completely destroyed. It was one of the blackest shames for the Union Army I ever knew, but the 3rd Div. done it.
Love to Aunt Sarah and write soon.
Lem has not been with us for two weeks. He was sent to the rear on account of the diarrhea he had last winter, consequently, has not been strong enough to endure the campaign. Dr. Kennedy, I think, has done well by Lem for he knows him.

More anon from,

P.S. Change address from 12th Corps to 20th Corps.